Android 4.3 Jelly Bean: Which devices will get the update?

News Clare Hopping 09:46, Jun 13 2013

We round up all the phones rumored to get Android 4.3 from HTC, Samsung and Google

Android 4.3 may not have been launched at Google I/O in May as we'd hoped, but it is definitely coming at some point in 2013.

Rumors have already starting spreading regarding which devices will get the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update first, and it comes as no surprise that the Nexus series of devices look hot at the top of the list. But which other devices will receive the update and when? We round up the rumors.

Samsung Android 4.3 updates

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn't the only device Samsung has launched under the Google moniker -- it also built the Nexus 10 tablet. However, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the only device we've heard rumblings about getting the Android 4.3 update.

Screenshots of Bluetooth SIG logs highlighted the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as in testing with Android 4.3, and it was Samsung itself that tested the device and found it worked properly with the platform.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is usually in the first batches of devices to get any new Android updates, so this one is looking very likely to come to fruition.

HTC Android 4.3 updates

HTC One, HTC One X+, HTC Jewel, HTC Butterfly, HTC Desire HD, HTC One XL

The HTC One is HTC's flagship Android device, so it comes as no surprise that this device will be a priority for HTC to roll Android 4.3 out to.

Other high-end HTC devices will also be getting the update, according to a leak on Technos Amigos, but so will some on the lower end of the scale, including the HTC Butterfly and HTC Jewel.

HTC's upgrade plans leaked online with a precise timeline of all HTC's devices due to get the update. The HTC One appears at the top of the list with a release date of Q4 2013.

HTC One Nexus Edition

The HTC One Nexus Edition was announced just a couple of months after the HTC Sense version of the device was released. The hardware is exactly the same, but the only difference is it doesn't include the HTC Sense 5.0 UI.

It makes sense the HTC One Nexus Edition is one of the first devices to get the Android 4.3 update because testing will be kept to a minimum -- HTC will not have to test that the device works with its HTC Sense overlay, making the job much quicker and easier.

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