iPhone 5s sells better than any other phone at US carriers

News 10:41, Dec 17 2013

Apple's iPhone 5s is still the top selling device at the major US carriers even three months after its release

iOS 7 gets ripped apart in new Tumblr blog

News 14:08, Dec 09 2013

Apple has brought a whole new design with iOS 7 and has received tons of feedback

12.9-inch iPad being tested with 2K and 4K displays

News 11:14, Dec 04 2013

Apple is reportedly testing a 12.9-inch iPad in both 2K and 4K resolutions

Future iPhones to include facial recognition

News 11:15, Dec 03 2013

Apple has just been awarded a new patent that will put facial recognition on future iPhone devices

iPhone 6 concept video

iPhone 6 screen is stronger than concrete

News 11:55, Dec 02 2013

Apple has spent millions developing a Sapphire screen that is said to be stronger than concrete

iPhone 6 specs could feature Lytro-style camera

News 11:16, Nov 29 2013

Apple's iPhone 6 could include a camera that allows you to refocus your photos later

12.9-inch iPad and iWatch slated for Q2 2014

News 12:40, Nov 25 2013

According to new reports, Apple is readying to launch the 12.9-inch iPad and an iWatch for Q2 of 2014

iPhone 5S shipping much quicker with holidays approaching

How to 11:19, Nov 19 2013

Apple's iPhone 5S shipping dates speed up just in time for the holiday season

iPad Air sells 5X the rate of iPad 4 at launch

News 10:24, Nov 05 2013

Apple's iPad Air release didn't create any huge lines, but demand for the tablet has been higher than ever

How to show battery life as a percentage on the iPhone 5C

How to 10:05, Nov 01 2013

This tip will really help you save juice on your iPhone 5C