Apple isn't stupid - thinking it is, is

Features Zach Epstein 10:59, Jul 15 2010

Believing that Apple was somehow unaware of the iPhone 4's antenna problems is just plain ridiculous

Now that Consumer Reports has run out of link bait, Bloomberg is picking up where the consumer electronics buying guide of yesteryear left off.

In a report this morning, Bloomberg claims to have spoken with an engineer who heard Ruben Caballero, a "senior engineer and antenna expert" at Apple, warn Steve Jobs about the iPhone 4's antenna issues well ahead of launch.

What's more, an unnamed carrier partner allegedly warned Apple as well.


Of course Apple engineers knew about this problem. It's physics, not magic.

These are Apple engineers we're talking about here. The cream of the crop. The best of the best. They're scientists; of course they knew.

Apple's first foray into iPhone cases is the "Bumper" -- a case that does absolutely nothing to protect the iPhone 4. All it does is cover the antennas so you don't touch them.

This was no accident.

To think Apple might have been blindsided by this mess is, simply put, ignorant.

Apple's engineers knew about the problem ahead of launch. Steve Jobs knew about the problem ahead of launch. Carrier partners testing the device knew about the problem ahead of launch.

And I didn't even have to talk to "a person familiar with the matter" to figure that out.

Tomorrow, Apple will do its best to spin this problem -- and a proposed solution, hopefully -- into something that takes as much attention away from the truth of the matter as possible:

Apple knowingly released a defective product.

Actually, why am I calling it "defective"? This is Apple's intentional design, so it's not really a defect at all. How about this:

Apple knowingly released a crappy product.

Now it has sold 3 million of them and we get to watch Jobs sing and dance around the truth tomorrow as Apple makes its official position known.

This should be fun.


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