How to attach multiple images to an email on the iPad 2

How to 08:04, Apr 02 2011

Find out how to attach more than one images to an email on the Apple iPad 2

With more recent version of iOS, you can now attach multiple images to an email. Simply open the Photos application and then click on the Share icon in the bottom left corner of the screen (it looks like a box with an arrow leaping out of it).

Select the images you want to attach by clicking on them to make a check mark appear -- up to five images can be selected this way.

Then click on the Share button and click on Email. This opens the Mail application with a new message with the images already attached.

If you select more than five images, the Share button becomes inactive but you can still attach the images - just select Copy and then paste the images into a new message. Remember that there may be a limit to the size (in megabytes) of an email message that you can send - or that people can receive.

Note: when you attach images via Copy and Paste you will be attaching the full-resolution image to the email. Alternatively, using the Share function will reduce the quality of the images.

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