iPad mini 2 specs could include bigger battery

News Stacy Warden 12:05, Oct 15 2013

Apple's iPad mini 2 is rumored to feature an improved battery, but it could also mean a thicker body

Apple's iPad mini 2 specs could include a better, bigger battery, according to the latest rumors. However, the inclusion of an improved battery could also mean that the iPad mini 2 isn't quite as mini (or quite as lightweight) as its predecessor. That's because a bigger battery could equate to a slightly thicker body for the second-gen iPad mini.

But a thicker design isn't nearly as troublesome as another recent rumor which suggests that Apple's iPad mini 2 will not actually feature a Retina Display. Then again, if we're to believe this business about a thicker iPad mini 2, it could very well mean that a retina display is in the works. As the thicker frame would more easily allow for the addition of the high-res display (if you recall, Apple's full-size iPad 3 with retina display was a big thicker than its predecessor).

While a bigger battery would likely mean a slightly heavier iPad mini 2, it won't be anything that causes arm strain. In fact, the weight difference should barely be noticeable at all.

Thankfully, we shouldn't have too wait much longer to find out exactly what's in store for the iPad mini 2, as Apple is expected to make an announcement during a press event on Oct. 22. If the company does reveal its second-gen mini on that date, we'll likely see a late October/early November release --just in time for early holiday shoppers.

Check out the image below and let us know what you think. Do you even notice the difference in thickness at first glance? What other features would you like to see Apple include in the iPad mini 2?


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