Tips and tricks for the iPhone 4S

News Marin Perez 14:50, May 31 2013

We give you the essential tips and tricks to get the most out of your Apple iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S is quite a popular device, especially with its plethora of apps and Siri, but are you really getting the most out of your smartphone? We put together a list of 30 tips and tricks to help you maximize your iPhone 4S.

Get the most out of Siri

The "S" in the iPhone 4S stands for Siri and the voice-controlled personal assistant can be tweaked to be even more useful. First off, to go through the tutorial, hold the home button and the tap the "i" button to see everything that Siri is capable of. 

You can also give Siri more information about your contacts by telling her who is who. This means you can say that "Jane Doe" is your "wife" and when you tell Siri, "Call my wife," it will dial Jane Doe. 

Another way to make the most out of Siri is to properly fill out the location information in your Contacts. Entering the home and work addresses will let Siri properly give you reminders which are geo-fenced. 

How to rescue your iPhone 4S from water damage

A pretty sure-fire way to kill an iPhone is to drop it in the toilet or bath and if this happens you may think there's no solution other than buying a new phone.

Although there's no guaranteed way of saving a drowned iPhone 4S there are a few things you can do to give it the best chance of survival.

First things first: Do not, whatever you do, try to switch the phone on or plug it into a charger.

Also don't be tempted to take it to wherever you bought it from because those cunning folks at Apple have loaded the iPhone with a clever method of determining if the device has been soaked -- so they're going to know even if you plead ignorance.

The iPhone has four 'Liquid Submersion indicators' inside it that turn pink on contact with water. A quick look inside and the Apple store technicians can see if water is the cause of an unresponsive iPhone.

Take out the SIM card and dry it separately on a paper towel, then try to get as much moisture out of the iPhone as possible. If it's gushing with water just keep shaking it gently until only a few drops are coming out.

The most effective treatment is to package the iPhone 4S up with bags of silica gel. Silica gel absorbs moisture and is often included in packaging for electronics.

If you have any bags of the stuff from recently bought items lying around gather them up and pop them into a ziplock bag with the phone.

Put it in a dry place for at least three days to give the device the best chance of drying out. The silica gel should draw out all the moisture.

You can also buy silica gel from craft shops, sometimes you can find it in electronics stores or you can order it from specific vendors online. Google silica gel to see what you can find.

If you can't place your hands on silica gel quickly then use dry uncooked rice as a substitute until you can, as this goes some way to drying things out, but silica gel is better.

If you're lucky this should give you a working iPhone 4S again, you might need to do a factory reset to get it fully operational, however.

How to save and share images from the Web on your iPhone 4S

Say you've seen a cool graphic or image you like the look of while browsing the World Wide Web and you want to either (a) save it to your device or (b) send it to a friend. How do you do this?

Simple – and we'll show you how in this relatively short user guide:

  • When you've found the image you like, hold down on it.
  • This will will bring up two options: Save and Copy
  • To save the image to your iPhone 4S' Camera Roll, select Save.
  • To send the image in an email or as a picture message, Copy it and then Paste it into a message.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone 4S

Want to show off your high score in Tiny Wings or just save a Web page for later? Taking a screenshot with the iPhone 4S is a snap. Simply hold down the power button and the home button and your screenshot will be saved to your camera roll.

Getting more out of the multitasking bar on the iPhone 4S

Tapping the home button twice will bring up all your currently running apps but if you slide to the left, you'll get quick access to a music player, the screen lock orientation and volume control. It's an quick way to control your device.

How to turn on airplane mode on the iPhone 4S

If you're on a plane ride or just want to save some battery, turning on airplane mode is good because it will disable your phone's Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities but still let you watch movies, play games or listen to music. Go into your Settings and slide the "Airplane Mode" button to on.

How to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on the iPhone 4S

To turn on the iPhone 4S' Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, go into your Settings and tap on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth menus. These will be the second and third options from the top.

How to save battery life on the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has pretty good battery life but you can always eek a bit more out of it by playing with your settings. Adjusting your brightness, disabling Bluetooth when not in use, chaining your data fetch settings and not using GPS that often will do a lot to help your battery life. For more information on saving battery life, please read this post.

How to add a Web page to your homescreen on the iPhone 4S

Want quick access to a website on your home screen? It's a very simple thing to do on the iPhone 4S. When you're browsing and come by a story or Web app, simply tap the Go To icon at the bottom and then Add to Home Screen.

How to take a photo from the lock screen on the iPhone 4S

Having a smartphone is great for capturing magic moments and being able to take pictures quickly is key to that. From the lock screen, swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen and it will immediately launch the camera app.

How to turn on Grid on the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has an excellent camera but if you want a little assistance with your shooting, you can turn on the grid. This helps you follow the photographic rule of thirds easier and it can be turned on by opening the Camera app, tapping Options and then turning Grid on.

How to turn on HDR on the iPhone 4S

HDR mode allows your iPhone 4S to quickly take three photos at once to create a single, better-looking photo. To turn this on, launch your Camera app, tap Options and then slide on HDR. Taking HDR photos takes a little bit longer than your average photo but the results can be worth it.

How to edit your photos on the iPhone 4S

Not even the best photographer always gets the perfect shot, so there's no shame in editing your pictures. Luckily, the iPhone 4S comes with some built-in photo-editing software. To use this, take a photo, tap the Edit button and you'll be able to crop, auto enhance, remove red eyes and more. It will then be saved to your camera roll.

How to take better shots on the iPhone 4S

This is probably the one aspect that will take the most time to learn but it's definitely worth it. Basically, when you're taking photos with your iPhone 4S, keep in mind the lighting, composition and angles. We've dedicated multiple sections to helping you take better smartphone photos, so go ahead and check out how to capture light and how to properly compose your pictures.

How to rearrange your apps on the iPhone 4S

The App Store is filled with thousands of fun programs but you may only want some on your main home screen. To rearrange apps, simply press your finger on an app for a few seconds until the icons start jiggling. You can then move the apps around.

How to put your apps into folders on the iPhone 4S

If you like grouping your apps together, you'll be happy to know that you can easily put your iPhone 4S apps into a folder. To do this, press and hold on an app until the icons start jiggling, then drag that app on another app. These will be placed into a folder that can be renamed.

How to change your dock apps on the iPhone 4S

The four apps on the bottom of your iPhone 4S are likely going to be used quite often, so make sure these are the ones you really want. In order to change these apps, press and hold on one of the icons in the dock until it jiggles and you can then move it and replace it with an app you want.

How to rearrange your apps, again on the iPhone 4S

Moving apps on your iPhone 4S is pretty simple to do but it can be kind of a pain to move multiple apps to different home screen. One simple workaround: build a folder with apps you want to move onto a different home screen, place it in the dock and then move that folder onto the screen you want those apps on.

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