iPhone 6 release date, specs and price rumors

News Stacy Warden 11:45, Dec 05 2013

Catch up on everything you need to know about Apple's upcoming iPhone 6

Apple's iPhone 6 isn't official yet, but that hasn't slowed the mobile rumor mill at all. If anything, those gossip gears are turning faster than ever with speculation of pricing, features and potential release dates. And now that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have both hit the market, it seems we're all already anxious for Apple's next big hit. Here's what we've heard so far. 

iPhone 6 screen could be stronger than concrete

How wonderful would it be to have an iPhone 6 screen that doesn't crack at the slightest of drops? According to a recent report, we may finally see it happen. Apple is believed to be working on a new Sapphire screen technology that -- get this -- won't even scratch when rubbed against concrete.

The report claims that the Sapphire screen is two times stronger than Corning's Gorilla Glass (currently a standard for mobile manufacturers). This wouldn't be the company's first time implementing Sapphire in its devices, but it would certainly be most notable. Recently, we saw Sapphire used in the iPhone 5S camera lens and fingerprint Touch ID.

Of course, none of this new tech will come cheap, especially if Apple is truly planning on pimping a larger screen this time around. Still, if Apple can find a way to implement such technology without driving up the cost too much, it's a feature many devoted iPhone fans would love to see.

iPhone 6 concepts

Another day, another iPhone 6 concept, but this one seems as though it could be fairly close to the mark in terms of potential design, with its colored aluminium shell. Designer Phillip Ink has taken things one step further though, by dreaming up a color matching technology that matches the background of the device’s screen to that of its body -- pretty neat, huh?

The design, which comes from i-phone.de, is less curved than the current iPhone models and although there’s not much else to see in terms of the features, the concept iPhone 6 has the intriguing addition of a micro USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack along the bottom edge.

Designer JohnnyPlaid, posting on Behance, has decided against ludicrous and farfetched design elements that are so often seen in concept devices and hedged his bets with some sleek, minimal features.

The concept shows a device slightly larger than the iPhone 5 and features an edge-to-edge display, something that we’ve been expecting from Apple for a while now. The minimalist design doesn’t lack attention to detail, either, as the designer has conceived a device that is an aluminium carbon fiber unibody, making it up to 40 percent lighter than the current iPhone, despite being larger in stature. This would also make the device up to 60 percent stronger, and we can probably all agree that we’d love an iPhone that’s a little less breakable!

    Another iPhone 6 concept video has demonstrated the inclusion of a 3D camera. While we've seen this before on devices like the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D, having a 3D camera hasn't been a major hit with consumers so far. 

      iPhone 6 could be liquid cooled

      One of the most crazy iPhone 6 rumors to surface so far is that the device could be liquid cooled. The technology would comprise ultra-thin pipes containing a liquid coolant that would vaporize upon contact with hot components. The vapor would then travel along the pipe and disperse the heat through a cold element, turn back to liquid and continue on its way, ad infinitum.

      Smarter security?

      And then, of course, there's that whole fingerprint scanner thing. Apple did include the new Touch ID security system in its recently launched iPhone 5S (but not in the cheaper iPhone 5C), which uses fingerprint recognition to unlock the device. It's unclear if the company will carry on with this new method, or if it will offer something even more improved for its next iPhone. If anything, it's likely that we'll see a smarter version of the Touch ID system, perhaps one that can't be cheated so easily. After all, Apple will need to stay on top of it, as other manufacturers are already catching on. Most recently, HTC jumped the bandwagon by including fingerprint recognition in its One max phablet.

        The iPhone 6 is most likely to launch with the latest version of iOS 7. Apple has already introduced a load of new features in the OS, bringing it back up to date with competitors like Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. To check out all the new iOS 7 features, take a look at this article, which explains everything you need to know:

        iPhone 6 hardware

        We could see several different color options this time around, given what Apple just did with its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. We likely won't see the bubblegum pop sensation hues offered in the cheaper iPhone, but Apple could very well choose to carry on with its new silver, space grey and gold options. The gold has already proven a major hit and sold out almost immediately upon hitting store shelves.

        And the laundry list of possible iPhone 6 choices may not stop with various color selections this time around. Apple is expected to offer different sizes, too. Buyers could have the choice of a modest, 4-inch version and something around 3.5, as well. We've also heard crazy talk about an "iPhablet," which could compete with the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Note -- but we're gonna leave that one to rest for the moment, as it just sounds a bit far out (especially when we heard it would be called the iPhone Math).  

        Apple's iPhone 6 could feature a wrap-around display, recent rumors suggest. Newly discovered patent applications from the Cupertino, Calif. company indicate that it is exploring new battery technology and manufacturing techniques to build the biggest iPhone we've seen yet. The screen is said to measure roughly 4.8 inches.

          According to some, the iPhone 6 will feature a completely overhauled display. The folks at Corning have been doing a lot of R&D themselves and their latest product, know as Lotus XT Glass, could be just the thing that Apple needs. Lotus XT is said to be even stronger than Gorilla Glass and thinner too, which would corroborate our report last week that Apple has given the internals of the new device a re-jig to make space for updated components. It is also said to let more light through, lifting the strain on the battery, which would certainly help with some of the most widely voiced user complaints.

          According to Patently Apple, the brainiacs at Apple have been hard at work designing a new coating for upcoming devices that will keep them cool. More importantly, the new tech would also work to keep the devices' internal components cool, even under duress. The company has submitted the requisite paperwork to patent the technology.

          iPhone 6 pricing

          Pricing for Apple's iPhone 6 could end up being the biggest differentiating factor from its predecessors. Initial reports on the iPhone 6 suggested that Apple would make the iPhone 6 its cheapest handset yet. But now that it's already done that with the iPhone 5C, it's unlikely that we'll see any kind of discount in the next model -- especially with the slew of new features it's expected to bring in.

          We're betting on it being a total overhaul over its predecessors. And while that should bring big smiles to iOS fans, it will likely cause the opposite effect when the equally high-end price tag is revealed. Until further information is revealed, expect it cost at least as much as the current iPhone 5S.

          iPhone 6 release date

          The iPhone 6 release date is perhaps the most debatable aspect for the moment. We've heard strong opinions on two wildly different times. Some are certain the iPhone 6 will launch in early 2014, while others are dead sure we won't see it until that fall. There's also been talk of a possible summer release date. Bottom line: Don't hold your breath until next year.

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