iOS 7: 5 worst features

Features Tony Crammond 09:09, Sep 20 2013

Apple's recently released iOS 7 is downright dreadful in some ways, and we think these five features are the worst of it

iOS 7 has probably been one of the most divisive software releases of recent times, with the usual swarm of Apple fans proclaiming it to be genius, while the rest of the world has been left with pretty mixed opinions.

There are definitely some cool features in iOS 7, as we noted Thursday, but there are some really bad ones, too. So far these are the five worse culprits.


Let’s get one thing straight: Flat and white should refer to coffee only, not software, and certainly not when juxtaposed with jarring new colors and weedy looking icons. The software was far from perfect before, but it carried Apple’s signature look, with neat icons and pleasingly simply menus. Now it’s a mess.

Calendar App

Apple’s calendar app may not seem too bad on the surface, but when you compare it to third-party apps, such as Fantastical or Sunrise, the whole thing seems woefully lacking. Sure, you can put your appointments and important dates into your calendar but that’s pretty much where the functionality stops. Other apps will not only create your dates but will work out where they’re happening and get you there if you need directions. Had Apple added these features, Calendar could well have been on Thursday’s list, but it’s been sadly neglected by its maker.

Lack of control over stock apps

How much does it bug you that Apple’s stock apps, like Bookshelf and Stocks, can’t be deleted and will clutter your desktop no matter how much you choose to ignore them? Yeah, well, not only has Apple decided to completely ignore this fact, it has chosen to add MORE stock apps to your desktop, which you still can’t delete. Sure, you can do what you’ve always done and hide them in a folder marked "junk," but it’s just not really good enough.

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