Google Play Music, All Access coming to iPhone, iPad

News Marin Perez 12:27, May 30 2013

The Google music services will be coming to iOS and could compete with an Apple-streaming service

Google announced that it will be bringing its Google Play Music and Google Play Music All Access to the iPhone and iPad in the next few weeks. 

The news comes directly from the mouth of Google's head of Android, Sundar Pichai, who broke the news at the D11 conference (hat tip to 9to5Mac). The move is just the latest by the search giant to try and reach Google users on as many platforms as possible. 

The Google Play Music is both a store and cloud-based music service that lets you upload your songs to an online repository and you can then stream these to your handset. This is a free service that has been available online and on Android for a while now. 

Google Play Music All Access is more like a combination of Pandora and Spotify in that it provides on-demand access to a catalog of music while also giving you a radio stream based on your preferences. Unlike Pandora, Google Play Music All Access will combine your uploaded tracks with the millions of songs in the catalog. This is a subscription service that will cost roughly $10 a month, although those who sign up before the end of June will pay about $8 a month. 

Google is definitely trying to battle Apple on its own turf and Google Play Music and Google Play Music All Access may have some stiff challenges on the iPhone and iPad. Along with the flood of music apps already available, Google will also be challenging the iTunes ecosystem, which is already baked in to every iPhone and iPad. 

The rumors also suggest that Apple is working on a streaming music service that will be similar to Pandora. This could be a major competitor to Google Play Music All Access and Apple could have the advantage of being able to promote this to all iOS users whenever they open up the App Store. 

[Via 9to5Mac]

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