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Reviews 10:26, Nov 09 2009

Check out our review of QuickVoice2Text Email, an app that converts recorded speech to text

QuickVoice2Text Email is an essential tool for anyone who uses a Dictaphone or takes a lot of notes in meetings.

It is essentially a Dictaphone, although the full version of the app (there’s a lite version too) adds in voice to text functionality thanks to Spinvox.

There’s little to QuickVoice. The main screen comprises a list that includes previous recording, a record button and a play button. At the bottom are the options to add a title, send the recording by email as a sound byte or as text, translated by SpinVox. Alternatively, you can delete the recording altogether.

There’s no functionality to view the text on the app, and SpinVox can sometimes struggle to accurately turn the sound into text, but it is a hugely useful tool if you often need to take notes in meetings.

We tried recording a sample from the TV, and the sound quality was poor – Spinvox failed to turn a news bulletin into text, but live speech provided much better results. SpinVox did manage to translate it, but with a couple of mistakes.

Emailing the sound wasn’t instant, but this will depend a lot on your ISP. Emailing the text will of course take longer as it has to go via SpinVox, but it still arrived within 10 minutes.

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Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

Price: $0.99

Developer: Nfinity

Website/Demo: Nfinity website


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