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Reviews Nicole Cozma 14:48, Apr 15 2010

We review HootSuite for Android, the Google-ready version of HootSuite's popular Web and iPhone apps

HootSuite for Android brings all of the expected functions of a mobile Twitter app to the table while maintaining a clean and quick interface. Fans of the Swift App Twitter client will find many of the features and designs similar, because the developer behind Swift, Sebastian Delmont, also created HootSuite's Android app. Users can expect the same level of stability and usability in this newer offering.

The HootSuite app makes use of HootSuite's private servers to store account information. Registering an account allows you to save profile information and settings, making switching to a new phone or reinstalling the application less tedious. The same profile is also used by the HootSuite desktop client, so you can easily access the same accounts with the same custom settings on both platforms. This account is not mandatory though.

When loading the app, you can skip the login and registration pages and sign directly into your Twitter accounts. User beware though, as every time you load the app without signing in it will prompt you to log in or register a HootSuite account before allowing you to view your feed. While this only amounts to about three button clicks, I did find it rather annoying that there was no way to disable it.

Once you reach the feed page, you'll be greeted by several streams to choose from. Each stream filters the tweets and messages by content type. You can even see your own updates in a stream of their own. While viewing a stream, you can cycle between other streams with a left or right swipe.

A button at the top of the screen sends you back to the stream list. The back button on your phone can also be used to accomplish this, provided you're signed in to a HootSuite account. I found that pressing the Back button without being signed in would return me to the login page. Notifications can be customized by stream, allowing you to set ringtones for certain stream updates such as mentions or direct messages, while not bothering you when your home stream is updated.

Overall, I found the experience with HootSuite enjoyable. I might be a bit biased though, since Swift is my favorite all time client (albeit similar, it's still top dog). A few issues, most of which were mentioned earlier, did arise, but I didn't see anything that could be considered deal breaking.

An unmentioned issue I ran into occurred while logging into my HootSuite account -- even though the email and password were correct the app told me it couldn't log in, and then it still logged in successfully. These minor issues aside, if you're looking for a fast and stable mobile Twitter app that can support multiple accounts, HootSuite is a great place to look.


Ease of use:

Platform: Android

Price: $2.99, free lite version available

Developer: Sebastian Delmont

Website/Demo: HootSuite

Download HootSuite from the Android Market by searching for the app name, or by scanning the following QR code with your phone:

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