How to unlock the BlackBerry Bold 9700

How to Tarun Chachra 11:58, Dec 23 2009

We show you how to unlock the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for use with any GSM-based cellular carrier

RIM currently has a handful of different BlackBerry smartphone models available with a myriad of carriers worldwide. How then can you use your favorite device on your network of choice? We show you step by step how you can unlock your BlackBerry handset for use with any GSM-based carrier in a few easy steps.

Note that you will need to obtain an unlock code prior to unlocking your BlackBerry smartphone. Unlock codes are available for purchase from a variety of sources -- we recommend -- or they can sometimes be requested from your carrier's customer service department. In order to obtain an unlock code from a carrier, typically your account must be out of contract and in good standing.

Step by Step:

  • Go to Settings or Click on Options (depending on your folder structure) (figure 1)
  • Click on Advanced Options (figure 2)
  • Click on SIM Card (figure 3)
  • Type mepd -- you will not see what you are typing and thus you must make sure you are typing the code correctly
  • Type mep2 -- again, you will not see what you are typing so just type mep, press the alt key, then press the 2 key (e on keyboard)
  • Enter the UNLOCK code you purchased/received

Note: The commands in the final two steps above are case-sensitive and therefore must be typed in lowercase

You are now free to insert a SIM card from any GSM-based cellular provider. Please keep in mind that certain devices will only work on certain networks (i.e. The bold 9700 from T-Mobile will only work on T-Mobile 3G service and not on AT&T 3G, etc).

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