How to use Google Voice on the BlackBerry Torch

How to 11:02, Aug 24 2010

We show you how to install and use Google Voice on the BlackBerry Torch

Google Voice is an excellent call aggregation service that has a myriad of features for its user. It is almost like having your own personal PBX (private branch exchange).

The following guide will show you how to download, install and utilize Google Voice directly from your BlackBerry Torch. This guide assumes that you already have a Google Voice account and that you have it setup with personal options.

First things first; we have to install the Google Voice application on your Bold:

  1. Launch the BlackBerry browser
  2. Browse to
  3. You will be shown a Google Voice screen with a link labeled Install Now
  4. Simply click the link and you are prompted with a download screen -- click on the Download button
  5. The application is now downloaded and launched immediately
  6. Enter your Gmail address (the same account is used for Google Voice) and your password
  7. Scroll to and click on the Sign In button
  8. You are now presented with a list of all configured phones, simply select the number assigned to your Torch and click OK
  9. The application will now update your call history and SMS message history

Once installed, the application is fully integrated into your Bold and allows you to make calls and send SMS messages directly via Google Voice. Naturally, incoming calls and messages are routed to your device if you have set the preferences accordingly on the Google Voice Website.

How to use Google Voice:

  1. View your contacts via the Contacts application
  2. Select the contact you wish to reach
  3. Tap the Blackberry Menu key
  4. Scroll up to the top of the menu and select either: Call using Google Voice or SMS using Google Voice
  5. Your call or message will now be processed via Google Voice

Note: If you select Call using Google Voice, you will be presented with a list of the contacts phone numbers, thus allowing you to select which number to call.


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