How to take screenshots on your BlackBerry Tour

How to Tarun Chachra 15:36, Nov 24 2009

We show you how to capture screenshots on your BlackBerry Tour 9630

So you have seen our screenshots on various how to guides and you are wondering, "How did they get those terrific screenshots?" The following guide will show you how easy it is to take screenshots on your BlackBerry handset.

The first thing that is required is the "Capture It" application, which is currently at version 1.4 and available for free.

  • Launch the BlackBerry browser
  • Browse to
  • Click the provided link to download the application
  • On the next screen, click on the Download button
  • The application will be installed and in some instances you will be asked to reboot your device
  • Once the reboot is complete, the application can be found in the Downloads folder or on the home screen of the BlackBerry (depends on operating system version)

Once Capture It has been installed, it is fully integrated into the BlackBerry menus and allows you to take a screenshot of any screen on the device. The following steps explain how to grab a screenshot, find it on your device and utilize it. This particular section will focus on emailing the screenshot.

  • Open the screen you wish to capture
  • Press the BlackBerry menu button (to the left of the trackball or trackpad depending on your model)
  • Scroll to the top of the menu and select Capture It
  • The application will capture the screenshot and save it to your BlackBerry
  • Browse to the Pictures application and view all pictures
  • The screenshot will be the first image displayed -- open the image
  • Press the BlackBerry menu button
  • You now are given a full menu: Zoom In, Rotate, View Actual Size, Fit to Screen, Send or Share, Set As Wallpaper, Set As Caller ID, Delete, Copy, Move, etc.
  • Simply select Send or Share -- then Send As Email
  • A new email message is created with the screenshot attached -- enter the recipient's email address and send the message

Note: Most options above will be similar for all operating systems on BlackBerry devices. Your experience may differ depending on the version of the operating system you have.

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