Your Google+ photo will soon be attached to your digits

News 10:07, Nov 06 2013

Google is about to take integration of its services even further...with your face

Google Logo

Google Plus sign-in takes a page from Facebook

News 09:07, Feb 27 2013

Google Plus sign-in can now be used to access third-party services. Here's how it works

Google+ app update for Android, iPhone

Google+ update lands for Android, iPhone

News 11:40, Dec 14 2012

The Google+ app for Android and iPhone received an update that improves the photo experience and boasts other improvements

Google+ NFL Hangouts

Google+, NFL team for fantasy football 'Hangouts'

News 13:46, Aug 01 2012

Google is teaming with the NFL to offer mobile Hangouts for fantasy football

Nexus 7 apps, main

Best Nexus 7 apps

Features 12:30, Jul 16 2013

Google's Nexus 7 is one of the hottest Android tablets. Here's a list of apps that make it even better

Google+ tablet apps are now available

Google+ app for tablets gets real

News 16:19, Jun 27 2012

Google+ for tablets is now available for Android and an iPad version is coming soon.

Google+ app for Android: damn, it's quiet in here

Features 10:28, May 25 2012

Google+ just updated its app for Android, but is it even relevant?

Google+ app updated for Android smartphones

News 10:39, May 24 2012

Google+ app for Android now lets users "hangout" directly from their smartphones


Google+ for iPhone receives major redesign

News 08:42, May 10 2012

The latest Google+ for iPhone update gives users a totally revamped, beautiful UI

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Google+ for iPhone updated, adds instant photo uploads and

News 21:08, Feb 14 2012

The latest Google+ for iPhone update gives users a batch of new features, including the ability to upload photos instantly and view the all-new What's Hot stream