Google Glass

Google Glass development kit shown off by Google

News 11:22, Nov 20 2013

Google Glass now has a proper development kit for developers to leverage the full capabilities of the device

Google Glass update brings in Play Music support

News 09:55, Nov 12 2013

Google ramps up features of Google Glass by adding support for Google Play Music, along with a new earbud accessory

Google Glass earns California driver a ticket

News 11:33, Nov 01 2013

In California a speeding driver gets additional citation for wearing Google Glass

Google Glass competition

Google Glass app store launching in 2014

News 09:43, Sep 04 2013

Google Glass owners will have access to their very own app store next year

Google Glass: 5 reasons why it won't work

Features 09:04, Sep 04 2013

We take a look at Google Glass and ask why, exactly, we should be excited about the wearable device

UK wants to ban Google Glass while driving

News 22:31, Jul 31 2013

Google Glass wearers in the UK could soon be forced to remove their specs before getting behind the wheel

Google Glass causing worldwide privacy concerns

News 06:51, Jun 19 2013

Ten countries have written to Google to inquire about privacy policy for Google Glass

Tits and Glass porn app banned on Google Glass

News 10:58, Jun 05 2013

The Tits and Glass porn app has been banned on Google Glass, setting a precedent for other distasteful apps

Google blocks Glass face recognition apps

News 08:31, Jun 03 2013

Google has stopped approving facial recognition apps for Google Glass following complaints

Tim Cook

Tim Cook slams Google Glass; says it holds no real appeal

News 09:44, May 29 2013

Apple CEO says wearable tech makes much more sense when it's designed for your wrist, not your face