Nexus 7 breaking after a year

News Tony Crammond 05:46, Jun 19 2013

Nexus 7 tablets could be subject to performance decline, most notably with stuttering performance and unresponsive apps

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet may be subject to performance deterioration, according to users, who have suggested that some of the cheaper internal parts used in the tablet’s production could be leading to the device going belly-up way ahead of schedule.

When Google’s Nexus 7 launched last year it was met with a massively enthusiastic response. The device was cheap and packed to the gills with quality hardware. But almost a year in, some users are suggesting that the device isn’t all that it first promised to be.

An article over at Android and Me, claims that Google’s first tablet was great … at first, but asserts that the device began to die over time, frustrating the author with lag, stuttering performance and unresponsive apps. There are plenty of comments from other users as well, who claim to have noticed the same issues.

Among the complainants, the consensus appears to be that this slow death comes down to ASUS using cheap memory for storage, leading to extended read/write times, especially on devices that contain a lot of files, and many users have suggested that factory resetting their device doesn’t do the trick, which would appear to suggest that the problem is related to device’s hardware.

There have been threads over on Google’s own forums detailing issues with the tablet too, especially the 16GB version, and many experienced users have posted benchmarks that more than adequately show the decline in performance, but there has been no official acceptance of any issue by Google – though some users have reported that they were given an exchange after returning the tablet.

Of course this could all just be software related and the release of the next iteration of Google’s OS could rectify the problems. But in our experience there’s no smoke without fire, even if we haven’t had problems with our own Nexus 7s – so it would be useful to hear from the mothership about something that is, to all intents and purposes, a massive pain to those who have invested their hard earned dollars in a tablet that becomes unusable if you fill it up.

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