How to root your HTC One S

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We walk you through the simple steps required to achieve root on your HTC One S Android smartphone

Rooting your Android smartphone is arguably a must, especially for enthusiasts and power users. It can improve your battery and performance, and even add features that the device out of the box simply doesn't offer.

When you take the power of root and add it to an extremely powerful device like the HTC One S, what you get is an amazing combination. You can make the camera better, processor faster, and even use custom ROMs like Cyanogen Mod 9.

So, if you're new to Android or an Android veteran who is interested in root your HTC One S, this guide is for you. We show you how to root the One S in these easy-to-follow steps.

To root your One S, please follow on below. There are a few requirements before you can get started:


1. An HTC One S (obviously).

2. A Windows PC.

3. WinRAR or another program that can extract RAR files.

4. A fully charged battery.

Part I - Installing the Toolkit

1. Download the HTC One S Toolkit software from here. This is very important. Do not change the file name when saving the file to your PC.

2. Use an extracting tool (previously mentioned above in number 3) to extract the root kit file on your computer. Make sure to save it directly to C:\ .

3. Navigate to the folder where the extracted files are located.

4. Double-click and execute One S.exe to install and launch the Toolkit software needed for root.

Part II - Unlocking the HTC One S Bootloader

1. Install HTC drivers on your PC automatically. This option can be found in the Toolkit software in the upper left-hand corner. It is option 1. After selecting it, click Go.

2. After this, select option 2 below HTC drivers to register at and press Go. This will bring you to the HTC Development page, where you must make an account and log-in.

3. Connect your HTC One S to your PC via USB. Then head back to the Toolkit software and select option 3 to get a token ID. The prompt will then show your token ID and you have to copy it.

4. Head back to the HTC development site now and submit your token ID. You will find the option after logging into your account. You will then receive an Unlock_Code.bind file via e-mail. Download and paste this file to the data folder that pops up after selecting option 4 in the Toolkit.

5. After this is complete, select option 5 and click Go. Your bootloader should now be unlocked.

Part III - Flashing Recovery

1. Once your bootloader is unlocked, look to right of the Toolkit software and you will be able to choose a custom recovery. CWM is a good one to begin with, so choose one of those (there should be two).

2. Click Flash Recovery and you should be good to go.

Part IV - Achieving Root

1. Make sure your HTC One S is still connected to your computer.

2. Head to the Commands section of the Toolkit software.

3. Select Boot into Recovery and click Do Command. The phone will now boot into the custom recovery.

4. Head to the section titled Extras in the Toolkit software and click Perm Root and then select Run.

5. Your HTC One S should now be automatically, permanently rooted. That's it.

Now head on over to XDA Developers and start flashing some awesome ROMs and mods! To learn more about rooting for newbies, check out Stacy Warden's Rooting for Rookies.

Via: Lifehacker

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