Best HTC One apps

Top 10 Tony Crammond Marin Perez 14:06, Jul 16 2013

We take a look at some of the best apps available for your HTC One

The HTC One is regarded by some as the finest smartphone in the world at the moment. The device brings together superb hardware, a beautiful design and HTC’s tried and tested build quality to deliver a smartphone that’s truly capable and a pleasure to use.

The device also runs on Google’s Android platform, and as such is able to draw from the deep pool of applications available for the OS in Google’s Play Store. Thoughtful folks that we are, we’ve decided to dig through the apps on offer to bring you some of the best around to help you maximize the potential of your shiny new HTC One.

We absolutely adore the HTC One. Seriously, we think that this Android superphone is one of the best handsets we've seen ever. It's a tough call between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 but I think that most of you will be happy with whichever device you pick up. 

"Buy the HTC One. You won't regret it," we wrote in our full review of the HTC One. "If you’re up for a contract renewal or you’re aching to replace the aging smartphone in your pocket, the HTC One has everything you need and then some."


The HTC One has a fantastic camera with the UltraPixel technology but that doesn't mean those photos can't use a touch up afterwards. 

The BeFunky photo editior app is a fun, free way to get the most out of your photos. If you've never really edited your photos, you'll be happy to know that BeFunky is very approachable and the "Beautify" button will make most of the corrections you want with a single tap. 

If you want to dive in deeper, the BeFunky app does allow you to immerse yourself in the color, saturation, hue and more. You can also add frames to your photos, multiple filters and effects, and the free version has no ads or annoying upselling pitches.


I'm a huge fan of podcasts and local radio, particularly when I'm walking around with my HTC One. Because of this, the Stitcher app is one of my favorite ways to get access to all my favorite things I want to listen to.

Think of Stitcher as the future of radio because you can get anything you want in a few clicks. There's a whole world of funny and intelligent podcasts out there and Stitcher is a great way to get it. The app does a great job of surfacing new content, as well as helping you organize your own lists.


There's a reason why Google will be spending about $1 billion to buy Waze: This navigation app is fantastic. 

Waze uses crowd-sourced information to tell you how your commute is going and it turns your HTC One into a fantastic road trip assistant. You can get your turn-by-turn audible navigation, points of interest, search and more with Waze. 

The cool thing about Waze is that it gives you quick access to real-time road conditions. This has been the best app at telling me what traffic is really like on the road and it can even let you know when there are speed traps near by. 

Google Keyboard

The HTC One comes with a nice keyboard, but some of you may prefer the standard one that comes with stock Android. Luckily, the Google Keyboard is available as a standalone app from the Google Play Store.

The Google Keyboard app is a great way to type things and if you want an even quicker experience, you can turn on the flow typing. This allows a similar experience to Swype in that you can trace your words and it will be inputted. It takes time to figure out but once you master it, it is much, much quicker. 

Temple Run 2

The HTC One is a great handset to play games on and it doesn't get that much better than Temple Run 2.

This free game has you escaping a monster by jumping, turning, diving and generally avoiding a lot of calamity. It's a continuous runner game, so you control your ever-moving character with a series of swipes, taps and leans. This type of game play fits in very well with the large, gorgeous display on the HTC One.

Temple Run 2 is completely free to play but if you want, you can buy some in-game gems to extend your runs. I've had a lot of fun without having to spend a cent, though. 

Yahoo Sports

Alright, I have to let you know that I'm a huge sports fan and one of the things I like to do on my HTC One is being able to keep in touch with the wide world of sports on the go. You can't really do much better than the Yahoo Sports app.

Some of you may prefer the richer video content that you can get on the ESPN apps but for my non-money (it's a free app), I prefer the rich variety of news and content on Yahoo. You get all the stats, news and images you need from this app and it includes nearly every single sport you're interested in. 

The Weather Channel

Who doesn't need to know the weather? Well, the Weather Channel app is one of the best in the business at delivering accurate weather predictions in a beautiful way. 

With The Weather Channel app, you can get local and national weather and the app promises some startling accuracy. For example, it will let you know when to expect rain at an exact time. 

The Weather Channel app also includes a variety of interesting videos, has a simple interface and this free app is my go-to weather app when I'm using the HTC One. 


Ok, it's time to start taking Snapchat seriously, or at least trying to. If you're over a certain age, Snapchat is just another silly app but this is quickly becoming a force in photo sharing. 

If you're not aware, Snapchat lets you send photos to friends that only last a short while before they are automatically deleted. You can annotate them and put other things in it but the point is to share a brief moment with a friend that won't haunt you when someone Googles your name. 

Sure, Snapchat users can still take a photo of the picture or do a screen shot but the last one will give the sender a warning. It's a free app and at the very least, you should check it out to see what all the fuss is about. 


The Vine app has just come to Android and this is the perfect app to take advantage of that great camera on the HTC One. Vine allows you to record short videos of about six or seven seconds, and then share them to Vine and Twitter. Released by Twitter itself, Vine lets you create GIF-like short videos that loop and these can really be appealing because it doesn't have to be continuous footage. The free app is available now. 

Google Play Music

The HTC One has the Beats Audio and BoomSound, so what better way to take advantage of it than with some tunes. The Google Play Music app is a free service which requires a little set up but can pay off in spades.

The Google Play Music service lets you upload up to 20,000 songs from your computer and the app will let you stream these or download them onto your phone ... all for free. If you want to step it up a notch, you can upgrade to the Google Play Music All Access for $10 a month for access to millions of other songs but I think many of you will be happy with the free option.

Cerberus Anti Theft

The first and perhaps most important thing to do with your HTC One is to protect it. Cerberus Anti Theft will help you do that by offering a number of services designed to help you protect your smartphone, like recovery assistance, a remote alarm system, data deletion and the app will even send you details of calls and texts made by the nefarious party responsible. You make one small one-off payment and your device will have an extra layer of protection forever. This app is invaluable.


HTC’s keyboard is good, but SwiftKey is the benchmark right now. The keyboard can learn your social networking and email accounts to ensure that it knows you inside out. The keyboard allows for accurate swipe-style input too, and once you’ve been using this app for a while you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It really is borderline psychic.


We all find great things on the Web and intend to read them later, often forgetting to do so, but Pocket allows you to save all those interesting articles, galleries and videos into a virtual well, Pocket, which syncs with your device, giving you the opportunity to spend what free time you have catching up with your favorite things.


Yeah, we know, the whole world knows about Instagram and its amazing, endless galleries of people’s meals, but there’s other stuff on there too -- great stuff -- and with the HTC One’s impressive Ultrapixel-enabled camera you can add to it and share your creations with your favorite social networks.


HTC’s One has Sense UI on it, which means you can, if you so choose, use the device’s built-in capabilities to access your chosen social networks. For hardcore Twitterers we recommend eschewing that decision and choosing Falcon Pro, which is the very best Twitter app available for Android right now.

A Comic Viewer

The HTC One has an amazing 469PPI screen that is simply incredible for viewing comics and a Comic Viewer is one of the best options around for viewing them on Android devices. Put the two together and you end up with a match made in heaven.

Google Drive

The HTC One comes with plenty of storage space but you can always use a little more. There are a variety of good online storage services like Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and SkyDrive but we've chosen Google Drive because the search giant has tripled its amount of free storage to 15GB. Depending on which carrier you use the HTC One on, you may get 25GB of free Dropbox storage but the Google Drive 15GB will work no matter which operator you use the handset on.


There are a ton of apps that you can use with the HTC One and while WhatsApp, MessageMe and the new Google Hangouts are all great ways to stay connected, you should really give Tango a shot. You can do pretty much everything those communications apps let you do but this also provides real-time, cross-platform video calling for free. Throw on things like casual games and more emoticons than I know what to do with and you're looking at a spectacular messaging app. 


The standard browser on the HTC One is a perfectly fine way to browse the Web but you really should be using the Google Chrome browser, especially if you use Chrome on the desktop. It's just so much easier to have all your search information and browser history synched up and because this is Android, it's simple to make Chrome your default app. A boring choice, I know, but one that is still very useful. 


If you're not a fan of Google having every single bit of information in your life but you still want a fantastic Web browsing experience, you should check out the new Opera browser app. It's a great way to browse the Web, the new Discover tab will push good news information based on your tastes and the "Offline mode" will help you save on mobile data. It's free and good -- you can't get much better than that. 

Beautiful Widgets

One of the great advantages of using Android is the abiliy to utilize widgets on your homescreen. Beautiful Widgets lives up to its name and you can even try it for free now whereas it used to be paid. You get your typical clock, weather and calendar widgets, but these are done in such a nice and gorgeous way. 

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