12.9-inch iPad being tested with 2K and 4K displays

News 11:14, Dec 04 2013

Apple is reportedly testing a 12.9-inch iPad in both 2K and 4K resolutions

iPad mini: 30 tips and tricks

iPad mini may be easier to find this holiday season

News 12:51, Nov 27 2013

Apple hopes to combat inventory constraints with an order of over four million units of the iPad mini with Retina Display

12.9-inch iPad and iWatch slated for Q2 2014

News 12:40, Nov 25 2013

According to new reports, Apple is readying to launch the 12.9-inch iPad and an iWatch for Q2 of 2014

iPad mini 2 vs. iPad mini

Vs 09:20, Oct 23 2013

We pit last year's iPad mini against the new iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. Here's how they stack up

iPad Mini 2

iPad mini 2: 5 things to expect

Features 10:30, Oct 22 2013

Apple's iPad mini 2 launch is later today. Here's what you can probably expect

iPad 5 design will be thinner and lighter than ever

News 09:22, Oct 21 2013

Apple's iPad 5 launch will show off its thinnest, lightest tablet yet

iPad 5: 5 things I want to see

Features 11:24, Oct 14 2013

Here's some of the top things we want to see in Apple's next-gen iPad

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets get announced

News 08:05, Sep 26 2013

Amazon is going straight for the iPad and iPad mini with two new slates

iOS 7 for iPad release date

How to get iOS 7 on the iPad

How to 05:08, Jun 25 2013

The iPad can get the new iOS 7 beta with this guide

iOS 7 hands-on: Best new features

iOS 7 on iPad video leaks

News 12:29, Jun 19 2013

The iOS 7 software on iPad supposedly hit the Web and it shows the new interface