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iPad Air review roundup

Author 10:10, Oct 30 2013

The first iPad Air reviews are finally here!

Best iPad mini 2 apps

News 12:29, Oct 28 2013

The iPad mini 2 with Retina Display is about to go on sale in November. Here's a list of apps you won't want to be without

iPad Air price, specs and release date announced

News 14:21, Oct 22 2013

Apple's iPad Air is the thinnest, lightest tablet in existence. Here's what you need to know

iPad mini 2 vs. iPad mini

Vs 09:20, Oct 23 2013

We pit last year's iPad mini against the new iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. Here's how they stack up

iPad 5 design will be thinner and lighter than ever

News 09:22, Oct 21 2013

Apple's iPad 5 launch will show off its thinnest, lightest tablet yet

iPad 5: 5 things I want to see

Features 11:24, Oct 14 2013

Here's some of the top things we want to see in Apple's next-gen iPad

Apple iPad event slated for Oct. 22

News 09:15, Oct 09 2013

Apple's iPad 5 launch could happen in less than two weeks. Here's what we know so far

Google Play Music for iOS finally on its way

News 09:52, Oct 04 2013

Google's music service is coming later this month to Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPad mini

Why I'm buying the new Nexus 7 instead of the iPad mini 2

News 12:19, Jul 25 2013

The specs, price and Google services make me want the latest Nexus tablet

iOS 7 release dates revealed

News 21:57, Jun 10 2013

Apple's iOS 7 is coming this fall; are you excited?