iPhone 5s sells better than any other phone at US carriers

News 10:41, Dec 17 2013

Apple's iPhone 5s is still the top selling device at the major US carriers even three months after its release

Future iPhones to include facial recognition

News 11:15, Dec 03 2013

Apple has just been awarded a new patent that will put facial recognition on future iPhone devices

iPhone 6 specs could feature Lytro-style camera

News 11:16, Nov 29 2013

Apple's iPhone 6 could include a camera that allows you to refocus your photos later

iPhone 5S shipping much quicker with holidays approaching

How to 11:19, Nov 19 2013

Apple's iPhone 5S shipping dates speed up just in time for the holiday season

How to factory reset your iPhone 5S

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Reset your iPhone 5S in a snap with our guide

iPad Mini 2

iPad mini 2: 5 things to expect

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Apple's iPad mini 2 launch is later today. Here's what you can probably expect

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C heads to US Cellular Nov. 8

News 09:17, Oct 21 2013

US Cellular will soon join the rest of its carrier brethren to offer Apple's premier handset

iPad 5: 5 things I want to see

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Here's some of the top things we want to see in Apple's next-gen iPad

iPhone 5C price discounted to $50 at Best Buy

Author 09:07, Oct 04 2013

Apple's iPhone 5C gets a steep discount at Best Buy. Will you buy one?

Apple iPhone 5S: Review Roundup

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We take a look at what some of our favorite sites are saying about Apple's newly-minted iPhone 5s