How to set up Exchange email, calendar and contact sync on the Motorola DROID

How to Tarun Chachra 11:57, Nov 20 2009

We show you how to set up Microsoft Exchange-based email, calendar and contact sync on your Motorola DROID

The Motorola DROID was released on November 6, 2009 by Verizon Wireless and runs on the Google Android 2.0 operating system.

While the device is based on a full integration with Google services, it is also possible to setup and use Microsoft Exchange-based services. The email application on the DROID will allow you to setup your Exchange account and synchronize your email, email folders and contacts.

  • Tap on upward pointing arrow to get to the app menu (figure 1)
  • Tap on the Email icon (figure 2)
  • Enter your email address and password, then tap Next (figure 3)
  • Select Exchange account (figure 4)
  • Enter your Domain\Username, Password, Exchange Server information (, etc) and check the box next to Use secure connection (SSL), then tap Next (figure 5)
  • Configure the remaining options (sync schedule, etc) according to preference, then tap Next (figure 6)
  • Assign an account name (optional) and your display name, then tap Done (figure 7)

Email will begin synchronizing once the credentials are entered correctly as required in step 5 above.

Once the setup has been completed, you are presented with a list of your messages. While viewing the message list, you are also able to change the settings that are assigned to this account by tapping on the Menu icon -- which is directly to the left of the Home icon -- and then tapping Account settings. The following options are available:

  1. Account name
  2. Your name
  3. Email check frequency
  4. Amount to synchronize
  5. Default account (simply if this will be the default email account on your DROID)
  6. Email notifications
  7. Select ringtone
  8. Vibrate
  9. Incoming settings (to modify server settings)
  10. Sync contacts

The menu icon also gives you more options which include refresh, compose, folders, accounts and account settings (above).

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