Moto X specs, price, release date rumors

News Marin Perez 07:27, Jul 12 2013

The Moto X goes under the spotlight with all the specs, price and release date rumors rounded up in one place

Update: We just got a huge hint about the design of the upcoming Moto X, thanks to a new advertisement. We now know that you'll be able to design the Moto X yourself and that it will be built in America. 

It's not fully clear what that means but it might be that it's an extremely customizable handset. I'd imagine this would go beyond just swapping out back covers or plates, as maybe you can decide to pay a little more to get some better specs. Think of the way you can custom build your own computer purchase online and I think that may be where we're going. 

Some more leaks have come out that may also give us some more ideas of what to expect from the Motorola X Phone, which will be called the Moto X. The latest report suggests it may land with a 4.3-inch, 720p HD screen, 2GB of RAM, the next version of Android and it should be powered by an S4 Pro CPU. We'll keep updating as we get more information. 

The Motorola X phone is official and Motorola dropped a few hints about what this Android-powered superphone will provide to users. Let's jump right in and talk about the specs, price and release date rumors. 

Moto X phone release date and carrier rumors

Motorola now has a sign-up page posted for the Moto X. 

The Moto X is the first Motorola handset that is expected to have the full influence of Google, which purchased Motorola more than a year ago for about $12 billion. Motorola has had other handsets come out since the purchase but those were widely seen as devices that were already in the pipeline and couldn't be ditched.

The Motorola X is being tested on Sprint's LTE, according to pictures leaked on the internet.

The prototype was leaked to PhoneArena and is clearly marked as "Not for resale" and "Motorola Confidential Property."

The Motorola X has also been spotted for U.S. Cellular with the model number XT1055. A device with that moniker passed through the FCC and has been given the green light to go on sale in the U.S.

Other carrier variations include Verizon’s XT1060, AT&T’s XT1058 and Sprint’s XT1056.

Initial rumors dictated the Moto X phone should be landing on all the major carriers by at least October and look for an announcement in late summer or early fall. I'd expect the Moto X phone to come to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and also be available for the T-Mobile UnCarrier plans.

However, we've now had word it will be launched on Aug. 1 -- a whole lot earlier than anticipated.

Motorola Moto X specs

The Moto X will be built upon user customization, according to an ad released to coincide with July 4. 

According to a new report from ABC News, the Moto X phone will let you choose different colors for the back case and for the trim of the phone. You'll also be able to engrave the device with your name or some other sort of message. 

 A Moto X photo has leaked, allegedly showing a range of colored back plates that belong to the device.

The shots, which show color options of turquoise, puce pinky-red, purple and a vivid green have popped up on GSM Arena and appear to be emblazoned with the Motorola logo, leading us to believe that they could, indeed, be the real deal.

If these photos are the real deal, the device appears to be made of a rubberized plastic, hence the slightly matted look of them, and has smooth, curved edges. According to the leak, these are just four of the alleged 16 colors in which the device will be available, and customers will also be able to choose the color of the trim, with engraving being an optional extra.

The Moto X phone will also reportedly let users upload a photo that will come as the default wallpaper for the handset. The Moto X phone is also expected to be available from the traditional electronics stores but the customized versions will have to be ordered online. Because the Moto X phone will be assembled in the United States, it should be shipped out quickly. 

The Motorola X phone will be called the "Moto X," and it is rumored to have a 4.7-inch, 1080p HD display with a high pixel-per-inch ratio. This would make the screen very comparable to something like the display on the HTC One and that's a good thing in our books. 

The Moto X phone is also expected to be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 800 chipset. This powerful processor can do things like provide console-like graphics, output 4K (UltraHD) video and handle all sorts of apps. Needless to say, we're looking forward to this. 

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