5 Uses for the now defunct HP TouchPad Tablets

Features Harmon Leon 09:43, Aug 19 2011

Owning a TouchPad is now like owning a BetaMax player. You can still put it to good use!

Long live the HP TouchPad tablets. We have not come here today to praise the TouchPad Tablet-but to bury it. With HP killing off itsĀ  webOS hardware division-its TouchPad tablet is no more. It ceases to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. The TouchPad tablet has kicked the bucket, its run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible. Basically, the TouchPad tablet is dead-HP has discontinued the product that only launched last June.

So if you invested in a TouchPad that means no more software updates, service, or tech support. Owning a TouchPad is now like owning a BetaMax player. Retailers such as Best Buy are now left with the dilemma of moving these extinct dinosaur products-that will have no future walking on this planet.

So what can a do with an HP TouchPad tablet? Here is 5 suggestions from KYC;

1) Decorative iPad Skin
Remove the screen, add a little paint, and the TouchPad tablet becomes a great protective skin for the iPad.

2) Futuristic Frisbees
When thrown correctly, these ultra-thin puppies can get massive air. Why play Frisbee Disc Golf when you could be playing TouchPad tablet Golf?

3) Paperweights
We've all had bothersome papers and documents flying rampant due to a lack of a paperweight. Fret not-these defunct pieces of hardware make great paperweights.

4) Elaborate Coasters
At your next party, don't ruin that expensive coffee table when you could use a HP TouchPad as an elaborate drink coaster. The 9.7-inch tablet can fit even the largest of drinking glasses.

5) Ice skating rink for hamsters
Just flood the top of the TouchPad tablet with water and then set it in your freezer. Once frozen, insert miniature skates on your hamster and let him go to town like it were a diminutive Ice Capades. (Note: Miniature ice skates not included with HP TouchPad tablets.)

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