Do you want the cell phone number of your favorite celebrity?

Features Harmon Leon 10:57, Aug 31 2011

How easy is it to get a celebrity's cell phone number?

How annoying is it to be a celebrity in 2011? Not only are you constantly being hounded by the paparazzi, shrouded by stalkers, and mocked in the press--but now these poor, famous souls have to worry about their personal cell phone numbers being posted across the Internet.

For example, Yahoo Answers lists Brad Pitt's cell number as: 973-409-3242. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie's number comes posted at: 978-867-5309. I'm sure these lists are in constant need of updating. (A celebrity probably can only take 1,000 random calls from rabid fans screaming into their earpiece.)

You Tube is another great resource for potential celebrity phone numbers. This video weilds the likes of Justin Bieber, Mylie Cyrus, and Taylor Swift:

Not enough celebrity cellphone numbers for you? Then try this video--featuring the digits of Beyonce, and Rihanna:

STALKER ALERT! Even though you might get a real, "actual," celebrity on the line--they don't want talk to you. Strange as it may seem, celebrities don't want random people calling them at all hours of the day and asking them questions.

KYC Challenge: A crisp $20 bill to any reader that can validate that any of these celebrity cell phone numbers are real!

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went clubbing with justin bieber at Amika nightclub less than 2 months ago when he was in london.... yup. his is real, but (no surprise there) he has a new number now..... you guys don't realise that if you have a real celeb number and you put it online, they are going to change their number and you won't have it anymore.... why not even just keep it for yourself? or better yet, respect their privacy and don't hound them with phonecalls 24/7 :P trust me you are more likely to become 'friends' with your fave celeb through meeting them at a club, party or event rather than coming off as an obsessed fan :P xoxo

im 100
% with you! Preach it(:

I called Katy perry and they hit decline so it might be her real number

Ariana Grande's number, or her best friend's number is 7073423721. My aunt is her manager.

ok so im like a huge fan of Princeton from MB n its not really a big deal theyre humans just like u onlything theyre famous n alot of peolpe knw about them yess im a huge fan but am not crazy about him if he comes to me right now im just gonna say ok ima fan of u n im sure we can sit n have decent convo noo screamss n stuff like tht im not into tht n im sure theyre not either so just be u and act like a normal human being! n thts mee yupp n thts me! not fussy at all!

can i get beyonce real phone number

you know it i love prodigy and if he comes to me i'm going to kiss him and he better put his tong in my mouth and he can do all the kissing he want. ''DUCES'

i'm so sorry to say this but Katty Perry is ugly

Some people say that it works but it will say that there unavailable or its going to voicemail or the mail box is full . but it sometimes works.;-)

no u cant genius because everyone wants her number so she is probably constantly changing it. also being famous sounds fun but if u really think. its a hard life being stalked having to deal with paparazzi who r stalkers and trouble makers from what ive seen on yutube. leave celebs alone u crazy idiotic fans because. how would you like it if 24/7 u were being harrased and trampled and stalked and hounded. leave those poor celebs alone let them have a normal day for once no people no fans just quiet. So idiots trying to get celebs numbers STOP U ARE RECKING THEIR LIVES!GET A LIFE BE A SUPPORTING FAN AND NOT A STALKING HOUNDING ANNOYING ONE. AND KACI U ARE NO TRUE PERSON IF U GIVE A NUMBER AWAY LIKE THAT . yOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF DOING THAT. EVEN IF ITS INCORRECT YOU SHOULDNT EVEN POST IT. STOP POSTING CELEBS NUMBERS.

Seriously, you guys should'nt even be on these websites, agree with what people are doing to Celebritys or not, you still came to this website. Why were you even here in the first place? (your message is here. That's how I know) Just let them be! (Posting this on all website with comment like this about Celebritys numbers)
Seriously. :)

i know about the reading and that stuff but can you tell me Olivia holts number

I would like to say that people should just leave celebrity's alone even though they really like their favorite actress/actor/singer/writer/etc... Most fans become obsessed with their idol... While those celebrity's work real hard to bring out a nice movie or album! Why should we bother them 24/7? I also got a actress (@ChloeGMoretz) and YouTuber (Markiplier) which I really like, And I would love to have personal contact with them... Or share something with them! But why would you become obsessed because of it? And why would you give them such a encumbrance? They're human just like us, I mean: "One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated" Chloe: Good luck with your upcoming movies! Looking forward to it! Markiplier: Advance raising money for charity as it's really great what you're doing! And you make a lot of people happy with it even these people that gave up! Thanks for reading everyone, Greetings Doombringer/Aronfgame. :)

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