Google adds 1,023 IBM patents to its Android arsenal

News 10:00, Sep 15 2011

Google's legal Android-armor buying spree continues with another 1,023 patents from IBM

Google is putting on another layer of legal Android armor with its recent purchase of 1,023 IBM patents. 

This follows a similar sale by IBM back in July where Google aquired 1,030 patents. Google also recently dropped a cool $12.5 billion buying out Motorola and its stable of 17,000 plus patents

Neither Google nor IBM has provided details or the financial terms of the deal, Bloomberg reports. 

As you probably recall, Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond claimed in a blog post back in August that Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and other companies were waging and "organized campaign" against Android.

These moves are part of an agressive plan of defense Google hopes will protect Android from lawsuits levied by companies like these. 

Essentially, what we have here is a patent arms race, and Google isn't afraid to pull the trigger. Recently it  gave HTC nine patents that the company promptly used to sue Apple.

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