Is HTC getting ready to build a Beats-powered Windows Phone?

News 22:10, Sep 21 2011

Reports seem to indicate that an HTC-made Beats audio Windows Phone could arrive later this year

As HTC completes work on the Beats-powered HTC Sensation XE, it appears the company's next task is to build the Beats enhanced audio experience into the Windows Phone Platform.

In a statement to SlashGear, HTC said when dicussiing Windows Phone they "we're working with Beats to enable that." The news and statement is no doubt a relief for audiophiles and Beats fans every where.

As a brief refresher, HTC made a huge  $300 million dollar investment in Beats Audio earlier this year. While questioned at the time, it was thought it would take a good deal of time for Beats to actually land inside handsets. It's nice to see HTC is hard at work with some Windows Phone products already in the pipe line.

According the report in SlashGear, it’s unclear when Beats Audio will come on Windows Phone devices and a date is sort of up in the air. An end of the year launch is definitely possible though and almost expected.

The company had recently announced two new Windows Phone Mango handsets in the form of the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar–those devices were not announced with Beats Audio, but theoretically HTC could re-release audio-enhanced versions of those devices in the future.

While obviously nothing is certain, I am sure we will find out details soon enough. Beats and Windows Phone really sounds yummy.

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