Trigger Happy TV: Annoying Cell Phone Guy goes jogging

News Harmon Leon 22:27, Oct 07 2011

Dom Joly shows why we hate people who talk on cell phones while jogging

Wow what a week of events in the world of cell phones. From a lackluster Apple iPhone launch to the passing of one of the true geniuses in the game.

So as a little palate cleanser, here's Dom Joly and a classic clip from Trigger Happy TV. How this all fits in is Joly's loveable/hateable character: Annoying Cell Phone Guy?

ACPG teaches everyone a little lesson in jogging cell phone etiquette. Watch the clip as he literally scares the bejeebies at of a pair of female joggers - as he screams into his much oversized cell phone. The funny bit is after Joly scares the women, he keeps running after them (and talking loudly).

Oh Annoying Cell Phone Guy: how you never cease to make me laugh!

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