Netflix for Android receives tablet redesign, new iPad version coming soon

News 12:41, Nov 15 2011

The refreshed Android version is now available in the Market and the new iPad version will be available in just a few weeks

Netflix announced via a blog post today a brand new look for its Android tablet app. Gone is the dated and sluggish phone version, and in its place is an immersive UI that takes full advantage of cover art and your own movie tastes.

According to mobile product manager Zal Bilimoria, the new tablet UI should help users more easily discover the content they want to watch. The application's layout includes clips of programs and movies recently watched, which can be tapped to start playback. Content from the Instant Queue is visible as well.

Thanks to the new layout, the redesigned Netflix Android app now displays "twice as many movies and TV shows as before," Bilimoria, wrote on the official Netflix blog. Users will now also be able to swipe through rows of titles featuring large artwork, something which is very nice and quite fun.

ZDNet points out, and we rightly agree, that the update is definitely significant because it's probably the first time in recent memory that a major company has developed for Android first. Normally, developers and companies tend to go iPad-first as the iPad has the most market share. Many popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Slacker, and more still haven't been redesigned for Android tablets.

So, just why did Neflix decide to bring the new UI to Android first? We're not too sure, but PCWorld suggests it probably has someting to do with the Kindle Fire, which comes with Amazon Prime movie streaming pre-loaded. Most likely, they just want to have a fantastic experiene that competes with Amazon Prime movie streaming.

The redesigned tablet app is available now in the Android Market and is available as a free download — of course you need to pay $7.99 per month for access, though. The updated iPad version is slated to arrive in the coming weeks.

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