Lenovo and Acer to release new Tegra 3-powered Ice Cream Sandwich tablets early next year

News 10:32, Nov 30 2011

The upcoming Lenovo and Acer tablets are expected to be priced between $459 and $499 and could be unveiled at CES 2012

With Asus and possibly HTC already on board the Tegra 3 train, it appears Lenovo and Acer are also coming along for the ride. Digitimes is reporting that both Acer and Lenovo are prepping new Tegra 3 tablets running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Both tablets are slated to arrive early next year.

Tegra 3 has been the dream of geeks ever since it was first previewed back in May. For those unfamiliar with the chipset, the Tegra 3 is a  quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with four processing cores. It also has an additional, secret core for improved battery life. 

Alhough the new quad-core tablets should be much more powerful than their dual-core Tegra 2 predecessors, the new generation may not fare much better against Apple’s rumored iPad 3. According to the report, unfortunately, the devices aren't too much different than last year's models. Essentially, customers will only get a bump in speed and specs.

Engadget reported a few weeks ago that Lenovo's Tegra 3 tablet will measure 10.1 inches, sport 2GB of RAM and hav a USB port. No word on any another specs though. Expect the Acer tablet  to be very similar. Overall, I am expecting a 10.1-inch display for both, as well as an array of ports, and possible keyboard attachments.

At this point, the real question is whether or not these tablets will sell this time around. We all know Honeycomb tablet sales were pretty dismal for basically everyone, so tablet makers are going to have to try something new this time. With the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet on the  market, they are really going to have to raise their game.

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