Latest iPad 3 leak points to 4G LTE support and quad-core A6 processor

News 08:30, Feb 02 2012

A new iPad 3 leak indicates Apple's next-gen tablet will support global LTE and feature a super-fast A6 processor

Apple's upcoming iPad 3 will support 4G LTE and feature a quad-core A6 processor, according to report published yesterday by technology site BGR. The information was acquired via screenshots of the iPad 3 in debut mode using a debug tool called iBoot.

From the data in the photos, we can see plenty of information about the much-anticipated next-gen iPad. First and foremost, the model numbers are J1 and J2. One of these models is likely the Wi-Fi only version, while the other is probably the variant embedded with GSM/CDMA/LTE for all carriers.

As you can see from the info on the screen, the Apple A6 CPU is model number S5L8945X. Details on the A6 have not been released by Apple, but the chipset is expected to be a quad-core processor with insane graphical capabilities. It will also likely support the iPad 3's rumored 2048 x 1536 display.

Of course, you never really know what's real and what isn't and this screenshot can probably be faked fairly easily. That being said, I'd definitely take this leak with a grain of salt, especially since it originated with BGR, a site which has been so wrong about Apple many times in the past.

Right now, it’s unclear when the iPad 3 will make its debut, but it has been suggested multiple times the device will arrive in March. I'm sure we'll find out all the details in the coming weeks.



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