Apple becomes world’s most valuable company

News Stacy Warden 11:48, Feb 13 2012

Apple is worth more than its 17 biggest smartphone-selling rivals combined

To say that Apple holds its own in the smartphone industry is a gross understatement. Apple is worth more than every single one of its smartphone vendor rivals combined.

Yes, combined.

This isn't such a huge shock after hearing that Apple pulled in 80-percent of all smartphone industry profits in Q4 2011, but the numbers alone are astounding. Let’s take a look at Apple’s seven biggest competitors: Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola Mobility, RIM, Sony and LG. As of Friday’s market close, those big names together tallied $225.36 billion.

That number doesn’t even begin to compete with the $460.05 billion Apple brought in (also as of Friday’s close). Even when you tack on other sizable smartphone businesses like Huawei, ZTE, Kyocera and Sharp, that combined number only gets a slight push to $259.08 billion.

What about Acer, Philips and Toshiba—notable businesses that also deal in mobile devices? Together these brands add another small shove, bringing the aggregated number up to just over $300 billion as of Friday. Now, just for fun, let’s throw ASUS, Alcatel-Lucent and Dell into the mix (in case you’ve lost count that puts us up to a total of 17 rival companies). The combined sum here still falls more than a whopping $100 billion short of Apple’s current value.

Oh, and as for Apple’s big battle with Exxon? Well, as of Friday’s close, the popular energy company sat at just under $397 billion. How’s that for making a quick comeback?

Considering the undeniable gap between Apple and its competitors—and the fact that the company’s stock price shot up to nearly $500 last week—it’s hard to argue that Apple is currently standing as anything less than the world’s most valuable company. 

Via: BGR

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