BlackBerry PlayBook eats away at Apple’s iPad in Q4

News Stacy Warden 13:33, Feb 16 2012

Apple’s iPad loses market share in Q4 to the underdog (Blackberry PlayBook)

It’s no secret that Canadians are a loyal bunch. So loyal in fact, that they’re willing to shun America’s darling iPad for their own local variety tablet, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook.

A recent survey of 1,000 Canadian consumers, conducted by Toronto-based Solutions Research Group, found that the PlayBook’s market share grew from a notable 5-percent to 15-percent in the fourth quarter last year. At the same time, Apple’s share of the Canadian tablet market dropped from 86-percent to 68-percent.

Loyalty may not be the only factor contributing to the PlayBook’s recent success in the Canadian tablet market, though. The spike in sales could also have a little something to do with RIM’s decision to slash a couple hundred bucks off its price (the tablet, originally marked at $500, now sells from anywhere between $200 and $300). The PlayBook is also more compact with its 7-inch screen, as opposed to the 9.5-inch display on the iPad.

But while the company may have put a slight dent in Apple’s market share, it hasn’t exactly hurt its competition. Apple still holds the lead, boasting the second most profitable quarter in U.S. history last year and selling 15.4 million iPads between October and December alone. In any case, these numbers bode well for RIM. Especially since the company’s smartphone business is still taking a hit from Apple’s iPhone and Android OS-equipped devices.

Additionally, current PlayBook users can expect a much-needed software update from RIM next week. The update will offer email and calendar apps, along with extra features like the ability to type onto the tablet using a BlackBerry phone keypad.

Via: BGR

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