MWC: Opera announces Opera Mini Next and Opera Mobile 12

News Stacy Warden 13:30, Feb 27 2012

Opera promises improved web browsing for both feature phones and smartphones

Opera just announced that its Mini mobile web browser will sport some fancy new web capabilities for both feature phones and smartphones. Topping that list is the browser’s advanced social media functions for “ordinary” phones.

Integration with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter will now allow feature phone users to make the most of each sites’ capabilities. Both Facebook and Twitter will show up right in the first screen (dubbed the Smart Page) of Opera Mini Next, making overall use and accessibility a cake walk for these users. “Just because you're on a more basic phone, doesn't mean you can't be a active social networker,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera points out that its Smart Page will not show up in smartphone versions (why would it?), and instead will focus on improving the user’s web experience as a whole. Android users can look forward to a more seamless browsing experience with a revamped Speed Dial (for easy access to a scrolling list of favorite websites) and faster hardware.

Launching alongside Opera’s Mini Next is the final version of Opera Mobile 12, which will boast even more features for Android and Symbian smartphone users. These include WebGL on Android phones, Opera’s HTML5 parser support Ragnarok, support for camera use in the browser and even more options for customizing Speed Dial entries.

Ragnarok should make running web apps on your phone faster. These improvements will also likely enable developers to create more sophisticated web applications that can run in your phone’s browser.

Opera’s app store (currently home to 55,000 apps) will also get a makeover, based on the technology of Handster. The company says we can expect an improved user interface that will make it easier to discover and download new apps.

Via: Engadget

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