How to install non-market apps on your Android device

Features Tony Crammond 12:39, Feb 29 2012

We walk you through the process of installing non-market applications on your Android smartphone or tablet

If you've ever wondered whether you can install apps that haven't yet been added to the Android Market then wonder no more as we walk you through the simple steps needed to install non-market applications on to your device.

A word of caution before we begin, not all developers are trustworthy and as such the app that you're installing may be malicious and insecure. Only install apps from sources that you know and trust.

On your Android device:


  • Tap 'Settings'
  • Tap 'Applications'
  • Tick the box which says 'Unknown Sources'
  • Open Android Market
  • Search for and install 'Linda File Manager'
  • Plug your device into your PC via USB*
  • Copy the .apk file(s) you want to install to your SD card
  • Unplug your device
  • Tap 'Linda File Manager' on your device
  • In 'Linda File Manager' navigate to the .apk file(s) you added to your memory card
  • Tap on the .apk you wish to install
  • 'Linda File Manager' will take care of the rest
  • Enjoy your non-market app


*If your device doesn't show up on your PC you may need to mount it, this can be done by dragging down the notification area, tapping on 'USB Connected' and choosing 'Mount'. Simply repeat these steps to 'Unmount' once you have finished adding files to your smartphone.

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