New Apple app lets you write on virtual walls with your iPhone

News Stacy Warden 16:07, Mar 06 2012

A new geo-based social networking app for iPhone uses augmented reality to display virtual walls

Have you ever been struck by the urge to deface the Eiffel Tower? How about the Golden Gate Bridge? Or, maybe just your local Apple Store? Well, get ready to conjure up something clever, because there’s an iPhone app now that will let you do all of those things. And it’s perfectly legal thanks to its use of augmented reality.

It’s called Wallit, and the easiest way to describe it is this: it’s a location-based social network for travel fiends (or just folks who like leaving their mark everywhere they go). The app allows you to interact with other users and post messages (much like you would on your Facebook wall) to a virtual wall, which can be accessed through your smartphone.

You can view walls located all around the globe, but there’s one hitch. You’ll only be able to post bragging rights on a particular place’s wall if you’re physically in or near it. It’s a unique marriage of the digital and physical worlds, and it’s backed by some notable investors (Masao Tejima, David Kellogg, and Sharmila Mulligan, to name a few) who have already helped bring its seed funding to about $1 million.

During the announcement of the app’s release Dr. Veysel Berk, founder and CEO of Wallit, said that until now there was no way to connect people to places. Anyone who has used wildly popular apps like Foursquare would probably disagree with that statement. Foursquare makes it possible for smartphone users to always be plugged in to their favorite spots, and the app’s options are far from limited.

At the core, it seems that each of these apps has a similar mission. What’s different is the way they connect people to places. What do you think? Are you ready for the next location-centric app? Do you like the idea that you can only write on a wall if you’re actually there? Scoot over to our Facebook page and let us know.

Via: Mashable

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