Samsung working on devices with flexible displays

News Tony Crammond 10:29, Mar 07 2012

Devices with bendable displays could be just around the corner

Samsung could have a device with a flexible display in the marketplace as early as 2013.

A recent patent filing uncovered by PatentBolt shows that the Korean manufacturer is working hard toward bringing innovative screen technology to the masses, with designs including a device with a pull-out, blind-style screen being discussed.

These next generation screens are already a reality, but according to BGR they won't reach the mass production stage until the second quarter of the year, which would push any potential flexi-smartphone back to at least Q1 2013.

Aside from being pretty cool, these flexible displays also offer great potential for minimizing battery usage, and Samsung has already reeled off a number of ways in which advanced screen tech could improve smartphone performance, such as displays drawing less/no power when they're folded or rolled away.

In addition to the practical applications of the tech, we're also looking forward to the breath of fresh air it should breathe into designers. With screen size/shape restraints removed, we could see smartphones rolled away into watches or even built into garments.

Exciting times lie ahead in the smartphone field, and we can't wait until we can fit a 10-inch display into our jacket pocket!


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