Foxconn creates new staff positions for its Apple unit

News Stacy Warden 13:10, Mar 12 2012

Will Foxconn improve working conditions by bringing in new Safety and Lifestyle staff?

It’s been at least a couple of weeks since we’ve had anything new to report on Foxconn, the Chinese plant that churns out our beloved iPhones and iPads. Over the past few months, Foxconn and Apple have seen some pretty negative press regarding the plant’s seemingly dark working conditions. Most recently, it appears that both companies have been taking steps to create a more ethical environment for workers.

First, we saw Apple and Foxconn invite ABC to the plant for a behind the scenes look at what actually happens over there. And it all seemed relatively fine. Of course, ABC and Apple have a pretty solid financial relationship—so it remains uncertain whether or not the picture painted was an accurate one. Just before that, sometime in January, Apple became the first tech company to join the Fair Labor Association. The FLA purportedly found “tons of issues,” along with “dramatic” improvements including an increase in Foxconn base pay for junior workers by 25-percent.

Now it looks like more improvements are on the way. Despite the factory appearing rather normal in its Nightline debut, Foxconn is looking to take even more precaution with its Apple unit. The company recently advertised that it is seeking new staff positions including one for a safety and security officer, a lifestyle services manager and two fire chiefs.

The Foxconn jobs were posted on human resources website According to a Bloomberg report, Louis Woo, chairman of Foxconn’s retail division, confirmed that the company was indeed hiring for these positions, but Woo declined to comment further.

Via: Bloomberg

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