Samsung smartphones beat Apple’s iPhone in China

News Stacy Warden 15:03, Mar 12 2012

How long will it take for Apple's iPhone to really compete with Samsung in China?

Apple recently scored a second carrier partner for its iPhone in China last week, but it’s still falling short of Samsung’s smartphone sales. Samsung currently holds the smartphone lead in China with around three times Apple’s market share (Apple has 7.5-percent; Samsung 24.3-percent).

We can probably chalk that up to the fact that Apple still doesn’t have a partnership with China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier. So, while Samsung can tap into China’s 988 million mobile users, Apple only has access to about 34-percent of them. China Mobile matters more than any of its competitors because of its massive number of subscribers, 655 million to be exact. To put it into perspective, Bloomberg points out that number is nearly equal to the combined population of the U.S., Brazil and Mexico. Like we said: massive.

According to Venture Beat, 15 million of those same subscribers have already proven a collective desire for the iPhone by hacking the device so that it will run on China Mobile’s network (albeit at slower 2G speeds). As it stands, China Mobile’s 3G service doesn’t stack up to Apple’s smartphone, but that could change at the end of the year if the carrier goes through with its planned launch of an LTE 4G network. Even then, subscribers may be hesitant to make the official switch to iPhone since 4G plans will cost more. What do you think; will Apple’s iPhone eventually overshadow Samsung’s smartphones?

Via: Venture Beat

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