Amazon App Store turns one, offers discounts on popular mobile games

News Stacy Warden 13:00, Mar 15 2012

In just one year, Amazon’s App Store increased its offerings to over 31,000 apps

As the Amazon App Store celebrates its first birthday, let’s take a moment to reflect on how far it’s come in such a short amount of time. Upon its launch last year, the online shop touted just around 4,000 apps for Android. That number has jumped pretty significantly since then, and now boasts just over 31,000 apps.

Today, Amazon’s App Store—Apple’s still not too happy with that name being thrown about, by the way—serves as the go-to source for Kindle Fire users. It started mainly as an alternative to Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market), and still maintains that draw for Android users who don’t have access to Google’s main Android market.

While Amazon touts a new free app daily, its paid apps have actually increased in downloads (paid apps are still an issue for Google Play). GigaOM reports that game maker Glu Mobile’s Amazon revenue grew by more than 1,000 percent after the Kindle Fire launch in November. And popular apps like Pandora have reportedly seen a rise in activity, too.

Amazon keeps a tight lid on its numbers, though, so we have no confirmation on how many downloads were actually recorded, or how many Kindle Fires were actually sold. The company simply said that it was in the millions. Nonetheless, 31,000 apps is still a solid claim to bragging rights. And much like Apple, Amazon requires developers to pass a company review before their apps can be made available. Amazon also retains the right to set its own pricing on each app.

In celebration of the app store’s first birthday, Amazon is offering discounts all week long on some of its most popular games. While you’re there, you can also enter a sweepstakes to win a Kindle. You can check it out here.

Via: GigaOM

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