Android 5.0 to launch in Q2 for tablets only?

News Tony Crammond 11:25, Mar 19 2012

Jelly Bean may be with users sooner than expected, reports claim

Rumors are abounding that the next installment of Google's mobile OS, Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean), could launch as soon as Q2 2012, and may be aimed solely at tablets and netbooks, making it the direct successor to the company's Honeycomb platform.

The next iteration of the OS could also launch with dual-boot functionality included to allow users to run the mobile OS alongside Google's other platform, Chrome OS, or Windows 8, according to rumors.

Taiwanese daily Digitimes claims that Jelly Bean will be launched as early as Q2 2012, citing local supply chain makers as the source for the story. It goes on to suggest that Jelly Bean will be launched as the successor to Android Honeycomb, and users will be allowed to choose between Android and another OS.

The reports also claim that users will be able to switch between Jelly Bean and Chrome OS, Windows 8 or even Canonical's Ubuntu without even having to power down their tablet. This would offer users a great opportunity to make the most of their hardware and, Google hopes, serve to give Apple's all-conquering iPad a kick in the Retina Display.

We'll bring you more news on Jelly Bean as we get it!

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