HTC hits the road with its latest "One" lineup, plans U.S. tour

News Stacy Warden 12:34, Mar 19 2012

HTC had its day with the press, now it wants to know what fans think of its new "One" series

We have been hearing a lot about HTC’s latest One series since its debut at MWC last month. Now, after launching its exciting new line, the company is ready to get hands-on with the general public by taking its latest set to the road. Well, taking it further on the road, anyway (HTC has already done tours across Europe).

HTC made the announcement in its company blog, emphasizing the fact that it doesn’t “build phones for the press,” but rather builds them “for you, our fans all around the world.” The folks at HTC apparently care what their actual users—and not just their critics—think of these specific products, and they’re looking for some real feedback.

The company must have seen success with its European road tour, because now it’s adding a few major U.S. spots to its travel itinerary. So far, these cities include Miami, Seattle and, of course, New York. HTC will also visit some other notable spots around the world like Sao Paulo, New Delhi and Bangkok. You can see the full list of destinations on the company’s site.

The worldwide tour will allow HTC fans to get up close and personal with the One series, and be some of the first folks to test out the devices. There’s been no official announcement for tour dates yet, but HTC’s blog post mentions that the road show is slated for “the next several weeks.” The casual announcement also invites fans to offer up suggestions for other destinations, so if you’re anxious to see the One series before it hits shelves, let HTC know soon.

Via: Android Central

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