Is Sony working on a Tegra 3 tablet?

News Tony Crammond 12:34, Mar 19 2012

A follow-up to Sony's Tablet S could be in development, according to an entry on popular benchmarking app, NenaMark

A recent entry on popular benchmarking tool NenaMark, suggests that Sony could be hard at work preparing its next-generation tablet. The score, which was left by a device known as the V150, would appear to indicate that a follow-up to the well-received Tablet S was nearing completion, and just in time to take the fight to Apple's new iPad.

The benchmark of 59.70 was left on the leaderboard by a user named 'Sony S1,' and the device that left the score was apparently powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chipset with the CPU clocked to 1.4GHz, an HD display operating at 1280 x 752 and running version 4.0.3 of Google's Android OS.

The score is significantly higher than that of Sony's Tablet S, which notched up a respectable 42.89. This would suggest that Sony has decided to up the ante in its efforts to gain a foothold in the tablet market, and the inclusion of NVIDIA's popular chipset will certainly bolster its efforts to be taken seriously.

Via Phandroid

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