Mike Daisey lies about his visit to Foxconn and then blames his wife

News Stacy Warden 14:27, Mar 21 2012

After lying to the press about what he saw at Foxconn, Mike Daisey says his wife made him do it

Avid Apple followers have undoubtedly heard about Mike Daisey at this point. He's the guy who went on NPR and talked about the horrors of the tech company’s manufacturing plant in China. He told us how he met workers who were clearly minors; workers with such severe carpal tunnel that it had turned their hands into claw-like appendages, and workers who were just grossly overworked (and equally grossly underpaid).

Listeners were horrified. Student activists saw it as fuel for their cause. The press, as it always does, had a field day. Mike Daisey was suddenly generating a major buzz in the tech world. His story was sensationalism at its best. Mike Daisey, it turns out, lied.

And lied.

And lied.

He came clean just a few days ago after reporter Rob Schmitz tracked down Daisey’s interpreter in China and learned that his claims didn’t add up. As a result, NPR retracted his spotlight segment, which originally aired on “This American Life” with host Ira Glass. After the revelation, Glass said that the story never should have aired without first checking the facts with Daisey’s interpreter.

While that’s all shameful enough on Daisey’s end, it gets better. Not only is he saying a bunch of ridiculous crap to try and defend himself, but Jezebel just pointed out that he’s now throwing some of the blame on his wife, who is also his director.

Check out this glaring bit from the Washington Post’s recent coverage on Daisey:

When the show hit it big, he said, reporters made uninformed assumptions about how much he had researched: Instead of correcting them, he’d let them believe he’d actually gone inside these factories, for example. And then the stories took off. He let a reporter assume that he’d met a victim of hexane poisoning — a detail that the director (his wife) then insisted become part of the play.

We’ll keep you posted to see who (or what) else Daisey might try to use as a crutch in his defense.

Via: Jezebel

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