Rumor of the day: Apple to increase next iPhone screen-size

News Stacy Warden 12:23, Mar 22 2012

Will Apple’s next-gen iPhone sport a 4.6-inch screen?

Word on the street is that Apple has plans to unveil a bigger and better screen with its next-gen iPhone. Reuters reported the news after hearing it from a South Korean media outlet. According to the report, the new version will have a sharper and larger 4.6-inch Retina Display. The tech giant’s major display suppliers, LG Display and Samsung Electronics, declined to comment in the report.

We’re not buying it just yet. A big 'ole iPhone display doesn’t seem to fall in line with Apple’s design standards. But, if the company actually decides to make the move to a larger display, it will be quite the bump from its current iPhone 4S screen, which measures just 3.5-inches.

Even from top to bottom, the entire 4S model measures less in total than the purported new screen size at a mere 4.5-inches. That’s a drastic change. It’s not entirely unlikely for the next iPhone to have a bigger screen, especially after reading studies like this, but 4.6 inches just seems excessive.

Like any unreleased Apple product, we can rest assured that this all just hearsay until the iPhone 5 (or maybe they’ll do like the latest iPad and simply dub it the “new iPhone”) launches. The report also makes reference to a release date—stating it will be somewhere around the second quarter. One thing is certain: we’ll be hearing plenty more iPhone rumors until Apple is good and ready to dispel them.

Via: Reuters

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