Michigan woman proves that walking-and-texting is dangerous

News Stacy Warden 10:18, Mar 23 2012

Texting while walking pushed one woman over the edge, literally

There are plenty of laws against texting while driving, and rightfully so. But, what about texting while walking? We’ve all heard stories about tripping over crappy sidewalks, bumping into passersby and just generally irritating the people around us while texting in action. But recently, one Michigan woman proved that there’s more danger in it than just running into a lamppost.

Bonnie Miller was strolling along a pier in St. Joseph with her husband and teenage son when she suddenly needed to send a text. Miller didn’t realize how close she was to the edge of the dock and as a result, she tripped over something on the pier. Miller then fell straight into a channel that feeds into Lake Michigan. Her husband wasted no time jumping in after her, and was soon followed by a nearby witness. Together, the two of them, along with Miller’s son, helped her safely to the ladder.

It’s an embarrassing incident, to say the least, but Miller’s not alone. Researchers at Stony Brook University conducted a study on walking and texting and found that at least 60-percent of texting-walkers strayed from their paths while typing on their phones. Not surprisingly, those same folks took 33-percent longer to reach their destinations.

While stories like this make me think that I should probably put an end to my own habit of texting while walking, it’s not that easy. I’m on the go far too often to ignore every alert that comes through. Like most smartphone users, it’s my main mode of communication. I don’t text when I drive, but apps like Android’s Transparent Screen make walking and texting a lot easier. And when that doesn’t work, there’s always old-fashioned calling.

Via: ABC

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