Qualcomm S4 dual core outperforming Tegra 3

News Tony Crammond 09:05, Mar 30 2012

Qualcomm's new 'Krait' S4 chipset is outpacing NVIDIA's Tegra 3 by quite a margin, benchmarks suggest

NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 chipset may have a slight problem on its hands in the shape of Qualcomm's S4 'Krait, a chipset which, despite only offering two processor cores, appears to be capable of smashing the Tegra 3.

Recent benchmarks appear to show that Qualcomm's next-gen chipset is able to offer vastly superior performance to NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3, with the S4 'Krait' posting a Quadrant score of 4,952, while the supposedly more powerful NVIDIA chip fails to even break the 4,000 barrier.

Real-time benchmarking tool Vellamo offers up a more well-rounded view of a device's performance by running browser scripts and rendering tests, and the Qualcomm S4 came out on top on these too, posting a score of 2,500 compared to the Tegra 3's score of 1,400.

In simple terms, these scores suggest that the Qualcomm S4 is outperforming the Tegra 3 in every way, and perhaps most alarmingly for NVIDIA, the Vellamo score indicates that the Krait is able to offer a far smoother Web browsing experience. When user experience is affected, so are sales.

So, those users who thought they were getting screwed out of a quad-core chip with the upcoming HTC One X can think again, because it appears that the dual-core S4 Krait packs more muscle, by far.

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