Apple’s newest iPad rates higher than its predecessor, survey says

News Stacy Warden 10:53, Apr 02 2012

Apple’s new iPad is actually pretty awesome, and nobody really cares how hot it gets

Look, I’m tired of hearing so much smack-talk about the new iPad. I understand it’s necessary to be harsh on new products and critique them accordingly, but Apple’s latest tablet has been hit with such a great deal of negative criticism that I was actually starting to resent my own decision to buy it. And that is completely ridiculous, because personally, I haven’t found a single thing wrong with it, save for some very minor battery-charging complaints.

This morning, I was so happy to find this survey, conducted by Change Wave Research. It informed me that not only are there plenty of other folks who are still just as excited with their new iPad purchases, but the majority of new owners are well beyond pleased with the device. In fact, the survey results show that user satisfaction with the newest version rates even higher than that of its predecessor. So take that, all you new iPad naysayers.

Participants were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the device, along with likes and dislikes, and what they actually think about that heavily-reported heat issue. More than four out of five owners (82 percent) say they are “very satisfied” with the tablet, while another 16 percent say they are “somewhat satisfied.” Just a mere two percent are “somewhat unsatisfied,” leaving the “very unsatisfied” option at a big, blank zero percent.

The survey also showed that most new iPad users, roughly 75-percent, are in agreement that the tablet’s Retina Display is their favorite feature. Twenty-two percent say they like the long battery life, while six percent think it is still too short (it actually is kind of crappy, at least according to these test results). Not surprisingly, the most disliked aspect of the new iPad is its cost (pricing ranges from $499 to $829, depending on size and LTE capabilities). Owners are also put off by the cost of a wireless data plan, which averages about $30 per month for 2GB.

As for the extreme heat issue, turns out it’s not so extreme after all. Consumer Reports said earlier that the device can reach temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit when plugged in and continually running a game. However, when survey participants were asked their thoughts on this matter, a whopping 89 percent of them never even noticed how hot the device was, or wasn’t.

Via: TechCrunch

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