Sharp shows off Manga-inspired smartphone

News Tony Crammond 09:14, Apr 03 2012

Sharp has unveiled a smartphone based on Hideaki Anno's Evangelion

Sharp has unveiled a device that is certain to have Anime fans in a state of rapturous longing; the SH-06D NERV, a smartphone inspired by the popular post-apocalyptic Manga title 'Evangelion.'

The SH-06D is a unique, heavily customized Android device that bears little resemblance to virtually any other 'droid ever built, with a custom, futuristic chassis and widgets, and apps and eye candy from the show woven into the OS to give it a real element of geek-chic.

Underneath the flashy facade you'll find the 1.2GHz dual-core chip, 512MB RAM and the 4.5-inch 720P 3D display of the Sharp SH-06D3D. One slight downside is that it runs on the not-so-new Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) but hey, when your phone looks this good, who cares how behind the times the operating system is?

Sadly, the SH-06D NERV is destined for a limited release in Japan only, but if you're committed you may stand a chance at picking up one of these bad boys on eBay--if you can contend with the NTT DoCoMo branding, that is.

Head over to NewEva to check out some more pics.

Via Phandroid


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